The Consortium

Ties. Strong and ancient traditions of years of style, elegance, procedures and technical expertise. Italian ties are expressed in the magic “blend” of some historic wine-producing families; le famiglie del Vino consortium. Le famiglie del vino has two primary objectives: to highlight and promote the quality of Italian wines around the world.

The Consortium arouses enthusiasm in our soul like any new operational commitments to build, but the strength of its large companies makes it affordable and ready for its great journey through the foreign countries. We are located in the Centre and in the North of Italy in very well known wine regions like Piedmont, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Veneto. This allows us to have on the same shelves the diversity of terroirs, flavors, culture, united by same love for simple things and by the true heart of Italian people.

"The culture of wine, passed down through generations - says Roberto Felluga, President of Le Famiglie del Vino - is the main part of our big companies. They are big because of their passion and of their big will to grow through small but important moments.

It is through the union of different regional characteristics and through our common passion that we created our reliable common thread, Le Famiglie del Vino consortium , where, we are sure, we will find together new strategic keys and economic developments."